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Take control of your thoughts and boost your self-confidence!
Imagine all the things you could do with more confidence! No one is immune from negative thoughts that might creep into their heads. This meditation is designed to push those thoughts away allowing your mind to focus on the positive. 
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With this Guided Mediation You'll learn how to
fill your thoughts with positivity & Confidence
What people are saying...
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Christiane Turner, Utah

I am listening to Michelle's meditations every day. I also have my two boys (8 and 6) listen to them before going to school to help them relax and be in a creative learning mode. They actually lay there with their eyes closed for the whole time, which is amazing for their age.
International NLP Trainer and Author of "Quantum NL - Thought into Manifestation"

Laurie Peterson, Utah

I have a lot on my plate each day with a large family, homeschooling, violin teaching, managing an orchestra, church activities, etc. Stress has been an everyday part of my life. With so much going on in each day it has been nice to know that I can stop and take time out for myself with Michelle's resources. While listening to Michelle I have noticed an increase in my health and I am more calm and peaceful and able to deal with the many things as they come at me. I am amazed at how much this has changed my life. What a blessing this has been for me. Thank you Michelle!
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